An end to end solution to manage your alcohol operations

80% Faster

Smooth and streamlined

Cut the time spent counting inventory and compiling data for real labor cost savings.

98% Accurate

The most accurate and precise inventory solution

Eliminate eyeballing and subjective data with a bluetooth scale.

10% Gains

Reclaim potential revenue

Increase profitability with optimal beverage pricing, improved pour costs, and reduced theft and shrinkage.

Our Features

Manage Inventory

Keep accurate inventory counts to track consumption and losses

Use your mobile devices for fast, accurate, and accessible data. Seamlessly split the work and coordinate tasks across your team.

Consumption Analysis

Identify overstock and increase liquidity

Instant access to consumption metrics to better manage your valuable stock space.

Optimize Product Pricing

Never underprice or overprice a product again.

Built-in pricing calculators ensure that your products yield their target profit margins.

Track Bottle Movement

Track product movement from a centralized stockroom or between bars.

Ideal for multi-venue establishments and hotels.

Process Intakes

Easily process intakes with as little as a few swipes.

Logging your intakes is crucial to maintaining accurate consumption data.

Optimize Purchase Orders

Set ideal par levels for smarter purchase orders

Automatically generate suggested purchase orders by bringing inventory counts, consumption data, and ideal stock levels into the equation.

Link all your distributors for quick and efficient ordering.

Generate Variance Reports

Increase profitability by minimizing overpouring and theft

Reclaim your maximum potential revenue with advanced variance analytics.

Quantify your actual beverage costs, stock shrinkage, and historical sales data for each product, alcohol type, and revenue center.


Wisk offers a complete solution for any type of bar.

hotel services
  • Multiple user access levels.

  • Track bottle movement to manage large quantities of stock across multiple locations, venues, and revenue centers.

  • Keep a log of historical data and metrics for all banquets.

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